Capture handle

Understand how we use Capture handle & bookmarklets to securely capture data from a shared tab.

Tab sharing & Capture handle

When you share a Chrome / Edge browser tab with, you can optionally use a bookmarklet to send additional information such as the url, the current duration and progress of video being played etc. This information export occurs using the "Capture Handle" feature. This feature is strongly tied to tab sharing. The information export ends immediately when you navigate away to another site / or even another page in case of a non-SPA site. As with the tab sharing feature, it also stop when you end tab sharing by clicking the stop sharing button or closing the tab.

Bookmarklet code

We provide the code used in bookmarklets here for reviewing. The bookmarklets are self contained and do not load any external scripts. Similar to other types of data, information captured via the bookmarklet is only stored inside the indexedDB on your browser and is not sent to the server.